Siri Plus Location-Based Reminders

= an awe-inspiring combo.

This will be a very short read. The end.

Just kidding, but hey, are you using your iPhone to its full potential? For instance, do you have a contact created for yourself with all of the information you could possibly add in there? If not, you should seriously think about doing this, even if it sounds weird.

Seriously, you can add email addresses, phone numbers, and street addresses for both work and home. You can also add your birthday, anniversary, your partner's birthday, or other important dates. You can also tie family members and other important people to contacts in your phone. I have mother, father, partner, and boss set. iOS now also has the ability to add a Medical ID to a contact, which I have not done.

What's the end game? Once you've done that, you can tell Siri who you are. Wait, what?

Tell Siri who you are

See, now I can ask Siri to text my boss, and she will!

Location-Based Reminders

What REALLY makes this useful though, is combining this with location-based reminders.

Remind me to clean the coffee pot when I get to work in the morning.

BOOM! Done.